Hughes Fireplaces & Stoves in Wexford

Hughes & Sons has been serving the community of Wexford and surrounding counties since 1898. We provide elegant Fireplace Surrounds and Stoves that will bring a natural warmth and comfort to your living spaces. Stop by our showroom to experience the quality in person.

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Stone Fireplaces


Fireplaces are timeless and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, the perfect gathering place for friends and family. 

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Cast Iron Stoves


Stoves are a practical and efficient way to heat your home. Cozy ambiance of a fireplace with the benefit of increased heat output.

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Bioethanol Fireplace

Bioethanol Fire

These fireplaces use bioethanol fuel, which is a clean-burning, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fireplaces.

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Electric Fireplace in a modern room with mood lighting

Electric Fire

Find the perfect Electric Fire for your existing fireplace surround. Many styles and sizes to choose from.

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Fret & Grates

Frets & Grates

Frets & Grates are a great way to improve the look of the fireplace with elemental and traditional style.

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Flue, Chimney & Dampers

Flues & Chimney

Keep your fireplace or stove running smoothly with high-quality parts. From chimney caps and liners to flue pipes and dampers.

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