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The Purevision™ HD range from Charlton & Jenrick comprises a wide range of models including freestanding, inset, classical and short or midi log stands. They contain technologically advanced patented design features that result in superb clean-burning performance and thermal efficiency of up to 87.2%.

These stoves have a huge glass panel for fire viewing, framed by a substantial yet elegantly curved door, the aesthetics of which blend seamlessly with traditional or modern rooms and fireplaces. The glass panel is kept clean by the extremely powerful airwash system. Purevision™ HD is the result of Charlton & Jenrick’s ongoing endeavours to improve
the state of the art in wood-burning combustion chamber design.

High Definition (HD) means an improved visual resolution over the previous standard and Purevision™ achieves this by harnessing the airwash and specialised tertiary air-profiling within the burn chamber for sharply defined flames and complete combustion.

Models Available include the 5, 5W (Wide), and 5W Slimline.


  • Large glass window for optimal viewing of the high definition flames
  • Powerful airwash that aids the clean burning
  • Optional external air kit for direct connection to the outside
  • Unique active baffle system for fast start-up and easier refuelling
  • High-quality cast ceramic firebox liners that are self-cleaning, hardwearing and extremely attractive
  • DEFRA exemption for burning wood logs in smokeless zones
  • Full multi-fuel capability as standard
  • Full-sized cast iron door
  • Longer logs and greater fuel volumes on PV5W and PV5W slimline
  • Available in a choice of grey or black paint finish
  • Optional stands or log stores
  • Overall size (WxHxD) 554mm x 596mm x 425mm
  • Weight (kg) 78
  • Output to Room 5kW/17,060BTU
  • Efficiency 82.2%
  • Fuel Type Multifuel
  • Flue Diameter 5” / 127mm
  • Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements

Guidance Note on Burning Solid Fuel / (Briquette Smokeless Fuel) Please be aware that some smokeless fuels (Solid fuel / Briquettes) may cause the inner surface of the stoves ceramic glass to turn cloudy or crystallise. This is caused by a reaction of some fuels during the combustion process due to excess sulphur in the fuels. Unfortunately the glass manufacturers will not warranty their products from this phenomenon. Regrettably this cannot be controlled or prevented by the stove manufacturer and therefore we cannot offer any warranty. There are no known safety issues, the only effect will be a visual one. Solid fuel requires air from underneath the grate which in turn reduces the effects of the secondary airwash. You will notice a dark grey haze on the back of the ceramic glass. It is important to clean this off the glass when the stove is cold using a stove glass cleaner. Repeated firing of the stove without cleaning the glass daily when burning solid fuel greatly increases the chances of glass turning cloudy / crystallising. To minimise this condition we strongly recommend burning well-seasoned or kiln dried wood logs using only the airwash controls only, (Primary air controls closed).

Purevision PV5W Stove 5kW Technical Manual

Additional information

Weight78 kg
Dimensions55.4 × 42.5 × 59.6 cm
Fuel Type

Multi Fuel



Flue Size Ø


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