Heat Design San Remo Steel Stove Slim 8kW



The San Remo steel stoves are the newest addition to the Heat Design collection. The stove range features clean lines and the introduction of our Vitae handle for a modern twist on the traditional look.

They have been designed to offer first-rate efficiency and durability. By combining the best in high temperature glass with combustion technology the San Remo stoves feature crystal clear glass, for better view of the flame.

Models Available include the 5kW Slim, 5kW Slim Wide and 8kW Slim.


  • Matt black cast iron stove
  • Eco design ready
  • Up to 83% efficiency
  • Large viewing glass for unrestricted views of the fire
  • Airwash technology
  • Primary and secondary air regulators
  • Fuel: Multifuel
  • Sizes: 5kW slim, 5kW slim wide, 8kw slim
  • Overall size (WxHxD) 490mm x 550mm x 321mm
  • Weight (kg) 83
  • Output to Room 8kW/37,532BTU
  • Efficiency 79.4%
  • Fuel Type Wood or Solid Fuel*
  • Flue Diameter 5” / 127mm
  • Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements

*Wood moisture content must be below 20% for optimum burning.

Guidance Note on Burning Solid Fuel / (Briquette Smokeless Fuel) Please be aware that some smokeless fuels (Solid fuel / Briquettes) may cause the inner surface of the stoves ceramic glass to turn cloudy or crystallise. This is caused by a reaction of some fuels during the combustion process due to excess sulphur in the fuels. Unfortunately the glass manufacturers will not warranty their products from this phenomenon. Regrettably this cannot be controlled or prevented by the stove manufacturer and therefore we cannot offer any warranty. There are no known safety issues, the only effect will be a visual one. Solid fuel requires air from underneath the grate which in turn reduces the effects of the secondary airwash. You will notice a dark grey haze on the back of the ceramic glass. It is important to clean this off the glass when the stove is cold using a stove glass cleaner. Repeated firing of the stove without cleaning the glass daily when burning solid fuel greatly increases the chances of glass turning cloudy / crystallising. To minimise this condition we strongly recommend burning well-seasoned or kiln dried wood logs using only the airwash controls only, (Primary air controls closed).

San Remo Steel Stove Slim 8kW Technical Manual

Additional information

Weight83 kg
Dimensions49 × 32.1 × 55 cm
Fuel Type

Multi Fuel



Flue Size Ø


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